A convenient, customizable way to carry a badge or card

  • Multiple materials and end fittings available
  • Customize with your logo, graphic or text
  • Most lanyards are manufactured in our own factory

Lanyards are a popular method for displaying an identification badge or card. IDenticard’s lanyards are a highly customizable card accessory, making them an excellent product for giveaways or promotions as well. Lanyards are available in a variety of colors, materials and with multiple end fittings to secure all types of badges and cards.

At IDenticard, we own our factory and produce the majority of our lanyards ourselves, meaning you’re getting high-quality goods directly from the manufacturer. IDenticard has made it easy to create custom lanyards with an online do-it-yourself tool. Our Design Your Own Custom Lanyards tool allows you to create a lanyard online, from start to finish.

Standard lanyards from IDenticard: a convenient card accessory

For those seeking a quick, simple card-carrying solution, a standard lanyard from IDenticard is an excellent choice. Our dynamic online lanyard finder makes it easy to choose and buy the right lanyard for you. Choose options like color, material or end fitting, and our app will display the products that fit your selections.

IDenticard has standard lanyards to fit every situation. Because we make our lanyards in our own factory, we offer unrivaled quality and selection. From lanyards for hospitals to lanyards for office buildings, IDenticard has a lanyard solution for you.

IDenticard beats other lanyard manufacturers in a number of ways

  • Materials: IDenticard offers lanyards in a number of different materials. Standard polyester lanyards are perfect for everyday office use. Reflective lanyards are ideal for those seeking a preventative safety measure in darker environments. Rhinestone lanyards are a good fit for those seeking a fun, playful card accessory. For the Earth-conscious, IDenticard offers bamboo lanyards and lanyards made from recycled material.
  • Colors: While not as flashy as custom lanyards, standard lanyards from IDenticard are available in a number of attention-getting colors and patterns. Basic colors include green, black, blue, red, yellow and more, while neon colors are available as well. Vinyl lanyards are available in a translucent material. Choose a multicolored zig-zag patterned lanyard to help your card accessory stand out from the crowd.
  • Options: Aside from a variety of colors and materials, IDenticard’s lanyards feature a number of additional options. Safety breakaway lanyards, which come apart under pressure to reduce the risk of tangles and snares, are ideal for use as lanyards for nurses, schools or those in active industries. No-flip lanyards are a great solution for those who move around frequently but need their credential to be facing front at all times. End fittings like key rings, swivel clips, card clamps and swivel hooks allow for different types of cards to be attached with ease.

Custom lanyards from IDenticard: create a unique card accessory

Custom lanyards from IDenticard are a great way to create a unique card accessory. A custom-designed lanyard can also serve as a great brand recognition tool, as it’s perfect for promotions, giveaways or conventions. IDenticard offers five different types of custom lanyards: one-color silk screen lanyards, OptiWEAVE one-color lanyards, multicolor silk screen lanyards, multicolor dye sublimation lanyards and three-color woven-in lanyards.

The appropriate imprint style depends both on personal taste and the conditions in which the lanyard will be used. Our sales associates will work with you to determine which imprint method is best for your situation. For those who know what they want, IDenticard makes it easy to design a custom lanyard with our online Design Your Own Custom Lanyards tool.

IDenticard’s online design your own lanyard tool makes custom products simple

  • Choose a style: Custom lanyards are available in five styles, each with a different imprint method. If you’re unsure of which method to use, contact us and our sales associates will help you choose the right product.
  • Choose a color: IDenticard offers 12 standard colors for custom lanyards. Other custom colors are available for an additional fee.
  • Add a personal touch: Our Design Your Own Lanyards tool allows you to upload your artwork or add your text on-screen, giving you a real-time preview of your proof. Text can be added in a number of fonts, and IDenticard also offers basic clipart graphics to those who don’t have custom artwork.
  • Add-on options: Choose from a number of additional options, including safety breakaway clips, finishing type and end fitting.
  • Review and submit: After taking a look at a summary page, submit your custom design with one click! Your design will be submitted to our art department. After review, our graphics team will send an official proof out for your approval.

Whether you’re looking for lanyards for employees, lanyards for college or lanyards for promotions or giveaways, IDenticard has the solution for you. Our expert sales associates will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you find the ideal lanyard for your unique needs.