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IDenticard™ photo ID Software

Everything you need to design a professional badge or card

An identification card is only as good as the information printed on it, and IDenticard has the tools necessary to create and manage a comprehensive photo ID and badging program. IDenticard’s photo ID software offerings allow for a versatility that ensures we have a photo ID software solution for you.

From entry-level programs for small businesses to more robust software for large organizations, IDenticard has the solutions to get a new badging operation up and running or to upgrade an existing program. IDenticard’s photo ID software offerings are compatible with most major computer operating systems and a variety of brand name printers, making it easy to find the right fit for your organization.

Don’t go it alone. IDenticard’s network of experienced identification solutions professionals across the United States and Canada will work with you to determine which of our photo ID software offerings will best suit your site’s unique needs

PremiSys ID™

PremiSys ID is IDenticard’s own brand of photo ID software, offering design templates tailored toward specific industries and a mobile app that allows for badging on the go.

Asure ID™

Asure ID is easy-to-use photo ID software from HID™ that can be upgraded to more robust offerings if necessary. Asure ID allows for the importing of card templates and can print magnetic stripes as well.

EPI Suite™

ImageWare™ Systems created an intuitive badging software with EPI Suite, with features like a face-finding tool that makes taking great photos easy, dual-sided design, multiple languages and ten pre-configured card designs.


PremiSys ID: everything you need to design a professional badge or card

Developed by IDenticard’s industry experts to offer a combination of the best features and the security necessary to run a top-flight badging operation, PremiSys ID is a perfect photo ID software solution for organizations both large and small. PremiSys ID offers customizable badge and card designs, an intuitive user interface, a mobile app that allows badges to be printed remotely and the flexibility to print on both PVC and Teslin cards.

  • PremiSys ID’s entry-level kits are ideal for small businesses looking to start a new badging operation. PremiSys ID kits include software, a digital camera and tripod, a card printer and blank cards. PremiSys ID’s OmniLife kit features 400 PVC cards and a PVC card printer, while the JetPak™ kit features 400 dual-sided Teslin cards and an inkjet printer to customize them.
  • PremiSys ID Pro provides further data collection and integration, including features like the recording of timestamps upon image capture, user journals and the ability to create in-depth reports filtered by user or group. PremiSys ID is also easily integrated with the PremiSys Access Control System, giving your organization a comprehensive identification and security solution.
  • PremiSys Mobile takes the power and convenience of PremiSys ID and PremiSys ID Pro and puts it in the palm of your hand with a convenient mobile app. Available for iPhone™ and Android™ smartphones, PremiSys Mobile makes it easy to issue badges from anywhere: simply take a photo, fill in the variable data and print to a networked printer!


Asure ID: upgradable badging software from HID

Designed by HID, Asure ID is a flexible photo ID software that ranges from entry-level to comprehensive. Hallmarks of Asure ID include a user-friendly interface, easy printing and low maintenance. Asure ID can be upgraded with ease, so accommodating a growing badging operation is simple.

  • Available in Solo, Express, Enterprise and Exchange, Asure ID’s variety of offerings ensures that there will be a good fit for you. Small businesses will find Asure ID Solo’s streamlined user interface easy to use, while larger organizations will appreciate the reporting capabilities and option to encode physical access control solutions onto cards with Asure ID Exchange.
  • Asure ID supports useful features like dual-sided printing, magnetic stripe printing, importing photos and graphics, multiple languages and support for barcodes.


EPI Suite: an intuitive suite of badging programs from ImageWare Systems

EPI Suite from ImageWare Systems is intuitive, easy-to-use photo ID software perfect for smaller organizations seeking a new badging solution. EPI Suite’s convenient features, like dual-sided card designs, magnetic stripe printing and unlimited records, make it a truly comprehensive photo ID solution. EPI Suite is available in three different products for organizations of all sizes: EPI Suite Lite (small businesses), EPI Suite Classic (medium-sized organizations) and EPI Suite Pro (large corporations and industries).

  • EPI Suite features ImageWare’s unique face-finding technology, allowing an attached camera to automatically find a user’s face for consistently high-quality pictures. EPI Suite also allows graphics and pictures to be imported for user photos or card backgrounds and is available in multiple languages.
  • Featuring ten pre-installed design templates and dual-sided printing, EPI Suite makes it simple to create high-quality, colorful and professional identification badges and cards in minutes. Additional custom services can be added as well, including the incorporation of background checks, Internet-based enrollment and integration with existing access control systems.


*Federal government customers may be looking for the ExpressionsID™ line of products; ExpressionsID was upgraded to our current photo ID software, PremiSys ID, in version 2.8. Customers placing orders through the GSA schedule will be automatically updated to the latest version of the software.
Learn more about our GSA Supply Schedule


Compare photo ID solutions

  PremiSys ID Asure ID EPI Suite
Available in kits? Yes Yes No
Mobile App Yes No No
Integration with access control Yes No No
Templates included Yes Yes Yes
Dual-sided design Yes Yes Yes
Barcode printing Yes Yes Yes
Magnetic stripe printing Yes Yes Yes
Internal database Yes 200 entries,then upgrade Yes
Cardholder reporting Yes Upgrade only Upgrade only
Networkable Pro
(Concurrent User)
Enterprise and Exchange
(Per Seat License)
Classic or Pro
(Per Seat License)
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