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Photo ID Software

Photo ID Software



IDenticard's ID badge systems provide you with the flexibility and the security that you need in a photo ID card program. Unlike most badging programs, we don't lock you into a specific card type. Our systems offer you the choice of PVC or laminated polyester ... it depends on your preference and your requirements.

ID card systems simplify and speed security identification card issuing. The process begins by transferring ID data (for example, names, employee numbers and departments) into a computer. Next, a digital camera takes the photo. The badging software then combines an organization's logo, photo and ID data in a customer-specified badge format. Cardholder data stored in a PC or file server database can be used to develop security reports or in access control, data management, or similar systems.

  • PremiSys™ ID Pro - Our robust ID badge software to create and manage your photo identification program. Easily expands to include a full access control solution.

  • PremiSys™ ID - An entry-level version of our PremiSys ID Pro software, PremiSys ID kits are the perfect solution for small organizations requiring basic badging features.

  • Asure ID - Combines HID Global's years of knowledge and development experience with new tools and best practices for users. Available in four different versions - Solo, Express, Enterprise and Exchange.


  • Episuite - Ideal for K-12 schools, health clubs, apartment complexes, civic organizations and corporations. Perfect for any small to medium sized organization needed to create a single ID card per person on a standalone workstation. Available in three different versions - Lite, Classic or Pro.


  • expressionsID™ - Photo ID software listed on our GSA Schedule for our Federal Government customers.

  • expressionsID™ Xpress - Entry-level version of expressionsID that is listed on our GSA Schedule for our Federal Government customers.

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