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Congratulations on your decision to upgrade to IDenticard's expressionsID v2.5. On this page you'll find the information that you need to successfully install the latest version of your photo ID software.

Here's what has changed in expressionsID version 2.5:

  • New Icons - The new icons are more intuitive, easier to see, and more consistent throughout the application.

  • New Quick Search in Cardholder Records - Search for a specific cardholder by name while a data-entry screen is open. As you enter the letters of the name to search for, the list filters down to display matches. Select the cardholder name for which you are searching and the cardholder record opens in the data-entry screen.

  • New Backup/Restore Your expressionsID Database - Backup your expressionsID database, including all cardholder information and photos as well as your screen and card designs, directly from the expressionsID software. You will then have the ability to restore your system using one of your backed-up versions, if that should become necessary.

  • New Data Importer Can Now Import from a Microsoft SQL Server® View - Import your source data directly from a SQL view. If your cardholder information is already entered in a SQL database and you use views in that database to organize your data, you can select the fields in the view to import the data into your expressionsID database.

  • New Image Utility Can Now Scale your Screen Design Images - expressionsID version 2.4 introduced the Image Utility to scale photos and card design static images so that they are stored more efficiently and your system's speed is improved. Version 2.5 now offers the ability to scale your screen design images, to further improve your expressionsID system speed.

  • New Cardholder Filters - Users who are members of security groups that are not assigned a cardholder filter will now see all cardholder records in the Navigator by default. If you do not want the users in a group to see all cardholders, apply a cardholder filter through the Security Administration module to specify the cardholders that should display for those users.

  • New Navigator Search and Reports - You now have the option to hide or display unused database fields when you create search criteria for the Navigator or Reports. By default, database fields that do not contain data for any cardholder will be hidden. This feature allows you to more easily find the fields you must search. You can easily change the selection to display all database fields.

Important Information You Need to Know about Your Upgrade to expressionsID v2.5

You must add the new security role titled "Backup/Restore" to at least one security group in order to utilize the new Backup/Restore feature. If you do not manually add this role to a user group, users in that group will not see "Backup/Restore" in the Tools menu and will not be able to access the feature.

If you are upgrading from version 2.1 or earlier of expressionsID, you must install the version 2.5 upgrade on a PC with IIS (Internet Information Systems) installed and enabled. See also the PC Requirements for expressions v2.5 (below). See your IT administrator for additional information.



After you have reviewed the above information, click the "DOWNLOAD v2.5" button below to begin downloading expressionsID v2.5.

Download expressionsID v2.5

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