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IDenticard® announces the release of enhanced TEMPbadge® expiring visitor badges

IDenticard® today announced the release of newly enhanced TEMPbadge® expiring visitor badges, updating this innovative product line with new technology to make the badges better than ever. TEMPbadge is the original expiring visitor badge, innovating in the Visitor Management market for decades. These unique badges use migrating ink technology to show a series of red lines or other expiration indicators after a predetermined period of time.

Version 2.21 of PremiSys™ released

IDenticard® today announced the release of the latest version of PremiSys™, its innovative suite of access control and identification management software. The latest release is version 2.21.
This new version brings with it several tweaks, enhancements and new features.

IDenticard® announces the release of PremiSys for Spanish-speaking customers

IDenticard today announced the release of the Spanish version of PremiSys™, bringing this cutting-edge access control and photo ID solution to an entirely new market. PremiSys is a suite of access control and ID management software designed to offer maximum control over an organization’s facility security and credential management programs. Designed from the ground up by IDenticard, PremiSys is among the most versatile software solutions available in the identification and security industries.

IDenticard™ receives patent for Rack Armor™ server protection

IDenticard today announced that its innovative physical data center security solution, Rack Armor™, has received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent, effective Oct. 11, 2016, was issued for an “enclosure assembly for securing a door,” a key aspect of the Rack Armor solution. The patent’s number is 9,466,190.