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IDenticard announces a TAA-compliant version of best-selling strap clip

IDenticard today announced that a version of its best-selling strap clip will be TAA-compliant and produced in a favored nation, making it available for purchase by US government entities for the first time. This clip, 505-A-TW, is being produced in Taiwan, a US government favored nation. The clip is perfect for government organizations looking for a simple, affordable card-carrying solution. The clip offers a 2-3/4″ vinyl strap with a steel snap closure, and can be used with any slotted employee badge or badge holder.

IDenticard announces move to a new facility in Manheim

IDenticard today announced the relocation of its offices, moving from its former home in Lancaster to a new facility a few miles up the road in Manheim, Pennsylvania. The move closes the book on several successful years in downtown Lancaster and serves as a sign of IDenticard’s continued growth and commitment to providing better products, services and support to its customers.

Be more flexible with all-new multi-directional badge holders

IDenticard today announced the release of a new badge holder perfect for organizations that issue different kinds of credentials to different personnel: the multi-directional badge holder. Made of flexible vinyl, this badge holder has room for one credit card-sized (2.13″ x 3.38″) ID badge.

IDenticard announces LogoClips and a new option for custom badge reels

IDenticard has enhanced its already strong card accessory offering with the availability of a new feature for custom badge reels and the release of the LogoClip, a new card attachment solution. Custom badge reels are now more “customizable” than ever before due to the release of variable text printing. Variable printing allows customers to print a different line of custom text on each of their custom badge reels.